Seasonal Sound Effects and Santa Sleigh Sounds

When it comes to the month of December you can guarantee most radio stations will change their format and switch to playing Christmas music.  At the same time most of the TV channels will also start airing commercials to advertise Christmas sales.

On both platforms TV and Radio many of them require a certain sound to make that impact and this is where a Christmas sound effect comes in to place. These are used to give the production that magical sound so the listener will know what to expect.

“Our Christmas effects are perfect for radio imaging and audio production and give you that magical sound for the season”

Christmas sound FX are also used for all kinds of audio production including the mobile DJ and Christmas e school plays and festive events. Sprinkle some magic and get creative when it comes to your audio productions.

Get that Christmas sound you are looking for.

We have a selection of sound effects on offer and they is no need to sign up. Just click the download button and use our free Christmas sound effects in your productions. All our effects are produced by Air Media and our Christmas packages only cost 14.99.